The Group of manufacturers for Membrane Switches and Keypads in China and Malaysia are one of the top manufacturer’s in the respective region since 1993. Using the most sophisticated manufacturing technologies Available. Specialising in high mix of Small, Medium and High volume to customers who need a dependable High Quality / Low Cost Flexibility manufacturing partner. Provide a quality product to meet or exceed our customers expectations, quick response time to market, product / design cost review & reductions, extensive customer service.

With years of experience over a wide range of products, our low cost structure as well as our years of cumulative experience gives us a distinct advantage in the market place



We offer a wide range of Membrane Switches and Keypads with both Capacitive HMI and Resistive HMI Solution:-
Membrane Switches, Capacitive Switches, Keypad
LGF/LED/EI Backlighting Membrane Switch
Rubber Keypad assembled with Membrane Switch,
Outdoor Waterproof & UV-Resistant Keypad,
Capacitive Touch Panel, Touch Display HMI Module,
Poly Dome Emboss, Metal Dome Emboss and
Medical Antibacterial Membrane Switch etc
Overlay / Nameplate / Textplate / Graphic


We offer a wide range of Services:-

Single Layer, Double Layer Through Hole, 3 Layer Flat

Type with Tactile Dome (Metal or Poly Dome) assemble
with Surface Mount LED & FPC Connectors

We can provide from mechanical design, capacitive
electronics design, PCBA design, components selection &
sourcing, SMT assembly, LGP design, molding, touch
control software development to integrated assembly and
final function testing One-Stop solutions service

Product Presentation

Quality Certification