The Cable Wire Harnesses are manufactured in Malaysia and China since 2004 is one of the Top manufacturer’s in the respective region. Using the most sophisticated manufacturing technologies available. Specialized in the conception and manufacturing of OEM and ODM Cable Wire Harnesses in high mix of Small, Medium and High volume to customers who need a dependable High Quality / Low Cost Flexibility manufacturing partner. From front to end design, in house materials production and Manufacturing. The manufacturing facility for Medical Cables is the FDA Registered and Audited Facility. We offer a Total Solution without compromising on Today’s Quality and Reliability in Electronics Standards.

Manufacturing Facilities

Product Presentation

Wire/cable for communication equipment

Automotive wire/ cable harness

Computer peripherals obale Assembly

LCD drive wire/cable harness

Audio/ video/ data / network cable

Wire/cable for medical equipment

Connector/ Terminal cable assembly

Connection Wire for industrial equipment

Quality Certification