One of the Top Manufacturer’s in The Respective Region

We Offer A Total Solution

Manufacturing of OEM and ODM

Providing Effective, High Quality Contract Manufacturing Services

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The Group of Electronics and MediCare Products manufacturers in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and China are one of the Top manufacturer’s in the respective region. Using the most sophisticated manufacturing technologies available. Specialized in the conception and manufacturing of OEM and ODM. From front to end design, materials sourcing, manufacturing and supply chain, we offer a Total Solution without compromising on Today’s QUALITY and RELIABILITY in the International Industry Standards.
The MediCare Products are FDA & CE Approved and the Facilities are ISO 13485 Certified.
The Medical Cables manufacturing facility in Malaysia is the FDA Registered and Audited facility.

Technical solutions

Our primary focus is to provide effective, high quality contract manufacturing services, utilising our highly qualified engineering resources.


Our Believes in developing the Long Term Business Relationship is by way of WIN-WIN Partnership. We welcome interested party in the relevant industry to be our “Partner” in the respective region.

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